Our concept is simple, network, build relationships and, FUNDRAISE. How do we Fundraise? We design & sell gear inspired by those who served & our supporters, we host online fishing tournaments, and do raffles- all to raise money. We then funnel that same money back to companies/organizations who directly take Veterans/Active Duty out on FREE fishing trips as a means of therapy. We also have had hundreds of donations come in over the years, and 100% of those, go to the same place.

We wake up each day ready to serve those who served our country, and remind them they are not forgotten. Marine Veteran Owned. Semper Fi.


Don't need any gear and just want to help?? We work with and network with many other volunteer and Veteran Owned Organizations every single day.  Several of them do one specific thing, and that is TAKE VETERANS FISHING.  Why is this so important? Many Veterans who struggle with PTSD, TBI, or physical Injuries, and can be plagued by major depression and thoughts of suicide.  Like many others in the Veteran community, we want to STOP this, or at the very least create an outlet for our fellow brothers & sisters.  There are REAL Veterans out there that credit their new found love of angling, as their life saver and now therapy. They can really use our help, we know first hand. Any Donation received will be passed directly on to one of the following (click to see more info): 

DixieWrecked Fishing

Rifles to Rods

Wounded Waters

New England Adventures

Veteran Outdoors United

•VF 'Squad Leader' Private Guided Trips by veterans using their own Boats/Gear (see map)

• and so many more we hope to add to this list in the future. 

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