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Veterans Fishing Owner


     My name is Matt. I am a lifetime fisherman, and Marine Combat Veteran.  Veterans Fishing is based in North Carolina, but we work with and network with dozens of Veteran owned fishing companies for Vets all over the country as well as our very own Independent VF Veteran Volunteer "Squad Leaders", who donate their own time and gear to help get their fellow brothers and sisters not the water.  

     I have always had a love for fishing, but when I saw the unreal power that it had (first-hand) to relieve post traumatic stress and anxiety that I was facing, as well as other veterans I have met over the years, I was 'hooked' all over again.  The battle with combat stress and traumatic brain injuries is VERY REAL among so many out there that served and fought for our country.  Our goal is very direct- To have an ever growing impact in the Veteran community by helping those who need a "REEL" change of pace, alternative forms of therapy, or just a chill day on the water ripping' lips, we want to help make that happen! We are constantly adding to our national directory of fishing services (guides, charters, etc.) that offer free or discounted trips for veterans (SEE VF RESOURCES TAB).  Although we do not directly provide trips (yet), proceeds from the sales of anything in our store will be donated to existing Veteran Owned organizations that are currently getting those on the water who may not have means otherwise to go out and enjoy one of outdoorsmen's greatest pastimes- FISHING. In addition, we will constantly be highlighting Veteran Anglers and updating our followers on our Instagram & Facebook on the amazing stories of men and women who served and how fishing has impacted their lives.  We thank you in advance for ALL of your support! Fish on and Semper Fi!

Veterans Fishing